A Guide to Rental Analysis for First-Time Landlords

A Guide to Rental Analysis for First-Time Landlords

Since the average landlord makes over $87,000 annually, renting out property is a great way to turn a profit. However, not all investments are made equal, and a rental analysis can help ensure that you make the right investment.

Read on to learn more about rental analysis in Westminster, Colorado.

What Is Rental Analysis?

Rental analysis is a process that landlords should undergo before choosing a property to rent out. It helps you determine whether the investment has a chance of being profitable as a means of generating passive income.

This is beneficial to those looking to make a real estate investment in the near future. You can see whether a property is a good choice if you plan to use it as a rental. You also can understand whether the property can turn a higher profit with certain maintenance and repairs.

This ensures that you make a smart property investment. It also helps you get the most bang for your buck even after making a purchase.

What Determines Colorado Rental Property Value?

When experts conduct a rental analysis of your property, the first thing they'll consider is location. People don't want to live in run-down areas, so you won't be able to rent out even nice units in certain locations. Professionals can tell you the market value of real estate in any given area so you know the value of your investment right away.

They'll also look into the type of property and how profitable it can be in the location. Apartment buildings are more popular in many middle-class areas, but upper-class people may only look to rent out luxury houses and condos. A rental analysis will let you know what to expect.

The state of the property is also critical during a rental analysis. Even if a property is in a great area, the investment won't be worth much if there's peeling paint or a shaky foundation. You can use the information from your analysis to determine whether it's worth renovating.

Finally, properties with additional features are likely to rent out for more months. Driveways, balconies, and patios are all extremely desirable. You may be able to charge more rent for them, so the rental analysis will generate better results.

Conducting a Rental Analysis: Landlord Tips

Professional property managers are the most effective people to conduct a rental analysis.

Even if you've done your market research, they'll have tools and resources at their disposal to conduct a more thorough screening and find real-time market information. Plus, since property managers also conduct tenant screenings, they'll understand the income and values of potential renters.

Make sure that you ask them to perform this analysis before purchasing a rental property. You don't want to waste money on a bad investment when more lucrative options are right around the corner.

Work With Property Management Experts in Westminster, Colorado

Now that you know the ins and outs of conducting a rental analysis on your property, it's time to begin finding quality tenants. Westminster Property Management is committed to helping you perform a rental analysis, screen tenants, and hire maintenance teams.

We also offer you and tenants an all-in-one dashboard to submit and resolve maintenance requests and communicate securely. Contact PMI to discuss how you can turn the highest possible rental income in Westminster, Colorado.