Open House Success: Tips for Hosting a Memorable Property Showing

Open House Success: Tips for Hosting a Memorable Property Showing

Are you hoping to sell your property quickly? Then you'll need to pull out all the stops at your next open house. While some things are beyond your control, a few tricks can be persuasive when you're trying to captivate potential buyers.

Read on to learn how to host memorable open houses!

Market Well

First, make a point of letting people know about your open house. Take good pictures and write a crisp description. Post this content online on real estate sites and social media platforms.

Send out mailers to targeted lists as well. And make sure you place plenty of open house signs on the property itself and off major roads. People unaware of it could show up because of good signage.

Choose a good time for the open house. Typically, weekend mornings or afternoons are the best times to attract people interested in investment properties. Weekday evenings could work, as well.


Staging a home is part of the process when selling a home. You just need to do it before you invite people in to take a look!

Remove bulky items that can make rooms feel smaller. It's also advisable to limit personal items so that potential buyers can envision themselves in the space.

If needed, add a few new coats of neutral paint to freshen up rooms. Consider using an essential oils diffuser to help create a pleasing aroma.

Be Welcoming

When showing a property, you are the point of contact for the home. That means you need to be warm and welcoming when people enter the door. Greet people with a brief introduction and smile.

Offer a few compelling nuggets of information about the house. Maybe it has two wood-burning fireplaces. Or perhaps all bathrooms were recently remodeled.

Then offer to answer questions or provide more details. But don't hover. Let people wander around the home at their own pace.

Gather Contact Information

While you don't want to be overbearing, you do want to gather pertinent contact information. You can suggest that visitors sign in with their name, phone number, and email address.

Not everyone will want to do this. But those who are more serious will want to be on your radar. You can then use this information to reach out.

Focus on the Follow-Up

Lastly, don't end your communication at the open house. Take the time to follow up with visitors. Sometimes making the effort to reach out first can cultivate more interest.

Send an email or text to anyone who gave you information on your sign-in sheet at the open house. Invite them to ask questions or attend future open houses. And send them a digital flyer with information about the house and your contact information.

Host Successful Open Houses

Good open houses feature well-staged homes and welcoming hosts. Market the open house well to attract an interested audience. Follow up with visitors, too, to help make the most of leads.

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